Sunday, January 30, 2011

VLOG: Disneylanding Day

Just a look into my daily happenings. This was on Friday. Sunny California, no work, no school, can only mean one thing.... DISNEYLAND DAY! I have an annual pass so i can pretty much go whenever i want. Which doesn't happen often since I'm normally consumed with school work and school, and my job. Since i just finished finals and im on a week long break, which ends Thursday sadly, i made a trip to Disneyland. Hope you guys enjoy. More VLogs to come in the future.


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  1. yay for a week off! oh how i miss having a disneyland pass!! i really should renew it!

    okay so this is gonna sound super random...
    but i was looking at ur twitter feed and i saw that you replied to @darwinredil, and i know him too!