Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Influenster Summer VOXBOX

Hey everyone! So about 3 weeks ago I received my Influenster Summer Voxbox. Influenster is a free service where the company sends you different brands of products to try out and review the only catch is you have to earn badges, and when you have just enough badges you get an invitation from the company via email to join in the next voxbox review. In order to gain badges you just have to take a couple of surveys and proved whatever information they need that is specific to that certain badge. You can learn more about he program on their website www.influenster.com. I got my summer vox box that included all of the following.

Most of the products that were sent were sample sizes with the exception of the Sally Hansens Magnetics nail polish and the banana nut bread bar. 

 This Hawaiian Tropics product is lovely. It has a coconut scent and its more on the lotion side than it is a sun screen consistency.
 The Clear Shampoo is by far my most favorite product that they sent me. It smells amazing and the sent stays on your hair for quite some time, compared to the other leading brand names out there. The smell is reminiscent of Herbal Essence but is longer lasting. The conditioner leaves my hair softer than most other conditioners that I have tried. I do indeed recommend this product.
 I enjoyed the magnetics product. My only problem with it was the color that they sent. It isn't very "summery" but perhaps it would go great during the winter time. I wish they had a wider range of colors but it does have a pretty cool effect. 

I love most of the products minus the sally hansens nail and cuticle cream, which I did not care much for and I know that if I ever did purchase the full size I would probably not even use it and it would get lost in the mess of other products I have.
For more information and a more detailed review of all of the items in this summer's Influenster voxbox just watch the video on youtube below. ENJOY!