Monday, May 21, 2012

Daiso Japan

I currently went to this new store called Daiso Japan in Irvine. I was introduced to it while i was in San Fransisco for spring break this past spring. The whole store is $1.50!! What a great price. They have so many cute things along with pretty unique things as well. I managed to grab a bunch of false eyelashes and try them out, since they were only $1.50. There were some that I really liked and some fell short, but for the price they felt right. If you haven't checked out this store I highly suggest you do so. Although I should warn you that you will probably spend more than what you expect to spend since there is so many cute things. There are 3 Daiso Japans located in CA that I know of. One is in Irvine, another in Torrance and lastly in San Fransisco (Japantown)