Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleek palettes REVIEW

Recently, or more like back in November had an anniversary sale and everything on the website was 50% off. It lasted for like a weekend. Sleek isn't sold in the US so i had to order it online through their website and let me tell you, the weekend of the sale was ridiculous, i mean the website was super slow because everyone and their moms' all over the world was trying to get in on the 50% off. So there was a lot of problems with the website and capacity was at max. It was hard to order things without getting an error page and what not BUT, i did manage to email them with an order number and a couple of week later, right before christmas i got my package in the mail. After emailing them a couple of times their customer service reps had told me that they were unable to process my order due to problems with a bunch of other orders that didn't get approved so i was quite disappointed at that and didn't even expect to get anything from them in the mail. So the week of christmas i got a package from them and it was my order. BOY! was i stoked and excited. Everything was there and normally each palette is $10 UScurrency but since it was half off i only got them for $5 each... WHAT A DEAL!

1.) Original i-divine palette: This is actually one of my favorite palettes out of the six that i got. The colors all go quite well together and as you can see on my swatches they are true to color and highly pigmented. I think my only problem with this one and some of the other color palettes was that some of the colors came out to powdery and loose. 

2.) Sunset i-divine palette

3.) Storm i-divine palette: my second favorite palette. I loved the colors in this palette, all the colors go great together and they are neutrals and darks. 

4.) Good Girl i-divine palette: Again highly pigmented and true to color. I don't know why i decided to even add this to my purchase because its basically all pinks, and i don't normally wear pink eyeshadow let alone these bright tones, but for $5 why not, maybe i'll randomly need it one day.

5.) Chaos i-divine palette: This was my least liked palette out of the six. This palette is all matte colors and well we all know the difficulty with matte eye shadows, when you put them on with a brush you can hardly see the color on your eye lids. As you can see on the swatches they didnt come out very bright like the other palettes. This one is indeed a total MISS. =(

6.) Sparkle i-divine palette: The new limited edition sparkle palette from SLEEK. Since they ran out of the Bad girl palette they sent me their new palette which is this one. I actually really like it. All the colors are highly pigmented and all have the same silvery-ish sparkle glitter to them. If you like all that jazzy sparkly eyeshadow stuff you should get this palette. 

Overall I give the sleek palettes a 8 out of 10. Some palettes were better than others. For the price that i got them for it sure was a steal and well worth my money. I hope that you guys enjoyed this review and maybe it'll help you make the decision on whether or not you want to purchase these products. 
(disclaimer: these are my own opinion and my own review I wasn't paid to do this review.)