Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dainty Dishwashing Duties

New influenster voxbox! This one I actually really enjoyed. Full sized bottles of the new Palmolive Fresh Infusion dish washing soap. I loved the packaging, it definitely does not look like your ordinary dish washing soap shape as well as the liquid color of the product itself. It actually reminds me of the kitchen collection at Bath and Body works. Not to mention the scents, the scents are amazing, ALSO reminiscent of the kitchen soap collection for Bath and Body works. I must say, my favorite scent out of the three is Lime and Basil. After washing dishes, the scent is great it also does a good job at being a dish washing soap, does its' job quite nicely, just like any Palmolive product, which are great products. It also left my hands feelings soft and hydrated, unlike some dish washing soaps that leave my hands feeling dry and leaves a "I just washed dishes" scent on my hands. 
Overall I think this new Palmolive product is on the right track. Great new packaging, fresh, new, lovely scents, and overall dish washing approved.
Good Job Palmolive!