Monday, January 10, 2011

**Hello Kitty Announcement**

Hey everyone! For all you Hello Kitty lovers out there, if you haven't already heard Sephora is coming out with a Hello Kitty cosmetic line (finally, i know right!) Back in December Sephora held a VIP event for all Beauty Insider members and had a sneak peak of this line, we were able to buy some stuff also. I totally missed it, but its ok because its coming out soon (worldwide). Down below is just some information on this new and anticipated line. Check it out and don't forget to check out the ebay sephora hello kitty site as well.


Join Sephora and Sanrio for a super special charity auction to announce the arrival of Hello Kitty Beauty at Sephora!

From Jan 17 to Jan 27, go to to bid on once-in-a-lifetime VIP opportunities and collectibles!


  1. I admit I was very intrigued about the Sephora HK items but after seeing swatches of the nail polish I was a little disappointed but still cute none the less.