Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday night.

Went to go eat korean BBQ last night which was super yummy! (nomnomnom) If you guys have never tried korean BBQ like this you should, where you grill the meat yourself and you get all the korean side dishes, you should try it out sometime, try something new if you get the opportunity to do so. Protein overload for sure though. 

Went to Target after and picked up some more ELF cosmetics.... i was gonna do a review.. maybe i still will in the future but for now this is what i got. Mostly blushes, eye brow kit, contour kit, concealer, and their quads. So far so good on all the items. 


  1. That dinner sounds like fun!

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. I've seen these ELF cosmetics on so many blogs, where do u buy them? thanks xx

  3. Hey Elizabeth! well i live in California and i buy my ELF products from Target. But they sell them at the dollar tree, kmart, food for less and some drug stores