Monday, January 17, 2011

***Tiny Haul and REVIEW on Revlon Photoready

Mini Haul just cause i like to buy little trinkets. 3 Items that i did not take individual pictures of would be the falsies (eyelashes), the purple heart nail polish and the love and beauty collection nail filers. I'll do a quick review on them right now. I tried on the falsies and they are pretty dramatic but who doesn't want dramatic eyelashes every now and then. I got them for $2.80 US at Forever21 and i thought they were a good buy. Forever 21 has many different styles to choose from. Moving on the the nail filers from Forever21 also, i got the 3 pack for $1.80 US and they suck! WARNING dont buy them, the packaging can really win you over but they are pretty useless and cant file for sh*t. Thats $2 that could have gone to something more useful believe me. Lastly the $1.00US nail polish i got at Target. It's great for the upcoming Valentines holiday. Just like any glitter nail polish only the hearts are quite big and the brush makes it difficult to pick up the hearts.

 Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in 129 Tiki. Bought this at Wal-Mart for $8 US. Its more on the lighter side for my skin tone so I actually will use this for highlighting purposes. It has a mineral finish and along with the light bronze color it also has champagne veins running through it. I think this will be a good product.

Aero Minerale makeup mist in HONEY. This claims to be a hydrating mineral foundation. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $12 US. Although it's suppose to have an airbrush affect on your face leaving it flawless, it came up short. Instead it sprayed on blobs of foundation on random sprays. as you can see if can become quite cakey if you do not clean up with a cosmetic sponge, which i think defeats the whole purpose of the spray because if i have to go back and absorb the foundation with a sponge i can do that with my regular foundations. This was a total MISS.

Revlon PhotoReady, bought this at Wal-Mart for $11-$12 US. I have heard many positive feedback on this foundation so i figured i would try it out for myself. Since it would be the first time i would be trying it, i couldnt decide which color best suited my skin tone. It was either natural beige or medium beige, i opted for medium beige but i will try natural beige to see if that one is better. So far so good. It has great coverage, and is long lasting. It also feels light on my face, unlike some foundations out there, they leave your face feeling heavy and cakey. I set it with a translucent powder, but even without it, its still good coverage. This is a product you guys might wanna check out. 

I got this palette from Forever21's love and beauty collection. The colors caught my eye, so i had to get it. Just like all the other Forever21 palettes that ive gotten, this isnt different. Its pretty true to color, as far as pigmentation goes. On eyeshadow brushes it can be quite powdery and has fallout. I got it for $5.80US. I think this will be my last palette i will purchase at Forever21 for awhile, because i came to a conclusion that i should save my money for better makeup products, instead of buying a lot of cheap ones. IN ADDITION, i was looking at the ingredients that were used to make the eyeshadows, and this palette in particular used Methylparaben and Propylparaben, which if you don't know about parabens they can actually be damaging to your skin and cause skin cancer. Thats why many high end makeup brands now a days emphasize on how their brand/products exclude parabens. Always read the ingredients in the products you use for your face. Skin cancer is no joke and we should take it seriously. [swatch is below] 

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