Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Accessory Haul review

Hey everyone! another haul review.

1.) This quad was from forever 21 it was $4.80 US. As you can see from the swatch down below its pretty pigmented and all the colors that came in the quad actually go together. It more on the dark side so I would say it's more wearable during the night time instead of the day time. The packaging was really adorable it was simple and sleek with a few jewels this one had a silver metallic cover. For $4.80 US I dont think you can really go wrong. 

2.) This quad is also from Forever 21 $4.80 US this is the one with the gold covering. I would say the colors are more wearable for an everyday look. It comes in natural colors minus the deep dark green. The colors go great together and they blend quite well. Swatch is below.

3.) This quad is also from Forever 21. It was only $2.80 US how amazing right! The first picture is how the cover looks (great packaging). I know the colors aren't really wearable and isn't for everyone but i thought the colors were really cute. For $2.80 US i couldn't resist, plus they were really pigmented as you can see from the swatch.

4.) Blush by Sephora in Abricot Plaisir, it was $12. It reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm but a little darker than that. I wanted the Nars Orgasm one but it was $26, i think i'll hold off on that til next time. But this was a great buy for now.. check it out @ your nearest Sephora =) (sorry no swatch my camera wasn't cooperating with this one)

 5.) These were all the jewelry accessories i got at Forever 21 I think you can probably get it at a For Love 21 store also (which is Forever21's jewelry store) They were all $1.50 US!! i know amazing right, and it wasnt on sale or clearance or anything, that's their actual price!! Go check them out at a nearest Forever21 near you before they sell out. My favorites are the flower earings and the eiffel tower ones.. How adorb! 

6.) Art Deco Nail polish from Dollar Tree only $1.00 US. Its the nail polishes that have the really thin brush so you can make designs on your nails. For a dollar... why the hell not! Swatches are below

7.) Sally Hansen Nail Prism (Left: White diamond, Right: Golden Cinnebar) it came in a 2pack and it was only $1.00 @ the Dollar Tree.. HIP-HIP Hooray! (swatch is below)

8.) Last but surely not least, the nail polishes i got at Forever 21 (love and beauty collection). Each was $2.80 US. I think they are pretty great quality for the price. (Left to right: NP-06 NAVY, MC632 BURGANDY, M814 BLUE)
 My only problem with the glitter one with stars is... the brush doesnt pick up the stars easily and it can be quite annoying. I had to use a tooth pick or a cotton swab... major fail.. but still super cute.


  1. very good:) I'll be following. Luv ur blog!

  2. I need to check my local dollar tree to see if they have those art deco polishes!!!