Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crown Brush

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a good spring season so far. I recently bought a new brush set and some other brushes and stuff from Crown Brush on  I am very satisfied with my purchases. I absolutely love the brushes, the colors it came it were lovely, red and baby pink. The bristles are very soft to the skin and are quite durable. The 10 color blush palette i am also in love with because most of the blushes are wearable and some are a bit too powdery but thats ok. They come in pinks, bronze and brown colors. The bronze colors are great for bronzing and countering.

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The Pro brush set comes in a cute faux reptile clutch case.
It comes with 15 red and black handled brushes. 

Crown Brush Price: $43.99

Hautelook Price: $37.50
Set Includes:
Chisel Powder • Chisel Blush • Angle Blush • Foundation
Angle Blender • Oval Shadow • Blending Fluff • Flat Liner
Concealer • Lash Fan • Brow/Lash Groomer • Angle Liner 
Oval Lip • Mini Smudger • Round Crease • Faux Reptile Case

Large Duo Fiber Brush: $6.99

Kabuki Brush: $5.99

Angle eyeliner brush: $1.50

10 Color matte/shimmer Blush Palette: $14.50


  1. Thanks for your opinion~ Im in need of a brush set v.v

  2. oooh so tempting! :) I lovee makeup brushes.