Friday, April 8, 2011

**Fashion Fridays: Spring time wedges

Who doesn't love a pair of cute wedges? Its perfect for spring. You can dress them up or down for a casual feel. They are quite comfortable and come in all shapes and sizes. This is a must have in any wardrobe.

Charlotte Russe: $30.00 USD I got these two pairs, the brown and black ones for buy one get one half off. I know right now Charlotte Russe is having a Buy one pair get the second for only $10.00, which is a great buy. These wedges in particular though, i don't think that have anymore because i did buy these a couple of seasons ago. They do however have many selections and probably just as cute as these. They are very light and very comfortable, I can wear these for hours and not feel any pain.

The next two are quite old pairs, so i don't remember where i got them. The polka dots are great for spring. The polka dot ones are slip on so it's very casual. You can dress it up with a solid tan, white or beige dress or with skinny jeans and a flowy top.

These are more sophisticated looking. These are great for a luncheon or a day out shopping. They are very comfortable and can be quite casual.

Ross $15.99 USD. These are very light and comfortable. It's more edgy, with the faux reptile straps and the metal studs. You can definitely dress this up with some black leggings and pair in with a black blazer and ta-da!

JCpenney $39.99-49.99 USD. I actually just bought these babies so they are still available for purchase on the JCpenney website or you can visit your local JCpenney department store. I absolutely LOVE these wedges. They are so light and comfortable and so appropriate for the SPRING SEASON. It has a zipper backing for easy slip on along with flower gossamers on the front for that floral look. You can wear this with pretty spring dresses or you can even dress it up a bit, its your choice!


  1. Love the last shoe
    the white one with flowers, really cutee!

  2. Love all them shoes girl, especially since I have a soft spot for wedges.

  3. The last pair are my favorites! Very cute!

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  5. nice array of wedges.. and seriously, wedges are so comfy and cute.


  6. Those White Wedges are gorgeous!!