Wednesday, February 9, 2011

**Room Tour.. say what?!

Just a quick room tour, it was originally made for a contest entry for Nikki. I decided to post it up on my blog as well if you guys were a bit curious as to how my room looked and how its set up. It isn't much but it is what it is. My room is quite small, but I've learned to adapt to it. I'm a little person so I don't need that much space... although a bigger closet would be great, that's one thing i would like to upgrade. Visit Nikki's youtube here and subscribe, she is awesome. Also, if you have a chance visit my youtube as well link is down below, and subscribe =) Thanks for tuning in!!


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  1. Love the blog! Where can you find cute layouts? check out my blog at & if you enjoy, dnt hesitate to follow (: